Understanding Shutdown In Dogs

Dogs become distracted just like us when something particularly good or scary is around. They can get totally caught up in a moment where everything else simply disappears, us included, this is called shutdown. There are many different degrees of shutdown from mild distraction right to off the scale reactivity. Understanding how to recognise shutdown … Read more

How To Build A Strong Dog

Having a strong dog means having a dog that you can take into most situations with confidence that their behaviour is going to be friendly controllable. It also means having a dog who can take the hard knocks in life and bounce back. This is often referred to as resilience, it is an important attribute … Read more

Here’s Why Your Dog Is Panting So Much

Panting is a dog’s way of cooling down.  But it may also be a sign of stress or anxiety.  So dogs will pant when they are very hot, after very vigorous exercise or when they’re in pain and that’s normal.  Short-nosed dogs such as bulldogs and pugs often pant as part of their normal breathing. … Read more

Heatstroke With Dogs – What To Know And What To Do

Dogs in particular just can’t handle high temperatures the way humans can. They cool themselves through rapid breathing to exchange warm air for cool air – but when the air temperature is similar to body temperature, cooling by rapid breathing doesn’t do the job very well. Even 80-degree air temperatures can be dangerous, especially if it’s humid or there’s direct sun.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Overweight?

Studies suggest that 25 – 40% of dogs in the US are overweight. Excess weight puts a dog at risk for a multitude of health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, respiratory problems, and joint/ skeletal disorders.