Are Dogs Good For Your Health?

For over a decade, all over the globe, researchers have been discovering and documenting the amazing healing abilities of pets. You might say that humans can teach a pet to “heel”, but pets can teach humans to “heal”.

Why Does My Dog Howl?

You may have either heard your own dog howl or witnessed another dog howl and wondered what the cause is of this wolf-like characteristic. While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact reason for this type of behavior, we can provide you with a few possible causes that might help explain why. It’s important to note … Read more

How Many Hours do Adult Dogs Sleep For?

If you’re worried at the amount of time that your dog has spent snoozing, don’t be. Dogs have vastly different sleeping patterns than us humans. According to recent statistics, dogs spend as much as 50 percent of the day sleeping, 30 percent awake but just lying around, and 20 percent being fully active. What’s Normal? … Read more

The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds on the Planet

For millennia, dogs have been considered a man’s best friend due to their loyalty and close companionship to humans. There are countless stories of dogs saving their owners from extremely dangerous situations. While it is good to appreciate all the good that dogs have done, it’s also important to understand that there are some potentially … Read more

Calmest Terrier Breed – Which One is It?

Terriers are a top choice of many dog owners all around the world. They are very well-known and defined by their fearless, playful, and energetic personalities. This isn’t to say that all terriers are this way. In fact, there are quite a few breeds of terriers that I’ve found to be quite calm and relaxed, … Read more