Choosing The Right Dog Breed

We are spoiled for choice with regard to dog breeds, small dogs, big dogs, hairless dog, hairy dogs, non-shedding dogs, and this is just with respect to how a dog looks. Personality characteristics also vary, from extremely outgoing to cat-like reserved. Then there are all of the mixes of breeds, combining looks and temperament to … Read more

How To Feel Safe And Comfortable Around Dogs

At some point in your life, you will probably feel threatened by a dog. This threat could be an aggressive display directed towards you, your dog or your family, or could be non-aggressive through fear of being accidentally hurt by your dog pulling you over or knocking you off your feet. If you or your … Read more

Dog Breeds And Fashion Statements

It is often said that people will gravitate towards dogs that look like themselves. I am probably guilty of it as well, Ben was tall and lanky as am I, so maybe there was a slight resemblance, minus the red hair. So, is it true, or just a trick of our mind? And, if it … Read more

Dog Attacks And Breed Specific Legislation

The issue of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has again come under the spotlight in Victoria after a young child was sadly mauled to death by a neighbours dog. A few days later another attack on an elderly lady by two dogs was also widely publicised. BSL started in Australia more than 70 years ago with a ban … Read more

The Best Dog Movies That You MUST Watch

Sometimes movies can push unrealistic expectations on all of our ‘normal’ dogs. Instead of wishing our dogs would wait forever for us, take down the bad guys, and tell us that Jimmy is stuck down a well, I like to watch dog movies for the relationship factor. These kinds of movies take creative licence to … Read more

Dominance And The Wolf

Over the past few months, I have been busy researching everything I can find on social dominance theory. My aim is to empower you to better understand the history behind the statement; “Your dog is trying to dominate you” and “You have to be the alpha of your pack”. Let’s pay respect to the fact that dogs and … Read more