The Cost of Taking Your Dog To Europe

dog traveling to europe

If you’re considering taking your dog on a European vacation, you may be wondering how easy it is to fly to Europe with a dog from the USA. There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when flying to Europe with a dog, but overall, it’s relatively straightforward. Before You Travel When … Read more

Why Does My Jack Russell Follow Me Everywhere?

If your Jack Russel constantly follows you around, you’ll probably either find it incredibly endearing or you’ll be very tired of practically tripping over them all the time. Either way, it’s helpful to understand some of the science behind why your dog might be at your side constantly. Reinforcement – Often times, Jack Russels will … Read more

Why Does My Boston Terrier Stand On Me?

Although Boston Terriers have been domesticated for quite some time, deep down they still possess their primal instincts. You may have noticed your Boston Terrier attempting to stand on you. While this may be confusing, rest assured, this is actually a common behaviour in dogs and there are a few different explanations to explain why … Read more

How To Adopt A Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog from the animal shelter can be the best thing for many prospective dog owners. A lot of people are put off the idea in thinking that these dogs are “problem dogs”, that they were only abandoned because of difficult behavioural problems. In the vast majority of cases this is very far … Read more

Your Side Of The Partnership With Your Dog

When people call me we often discuss their dog’s undesirable behaviours and it led me to think about the behaviours people engage in and how it may impact our dogs. If dogs could call a human trainer here are a few things I think they may say. My human ignores me when he gets home. Dogs … Read more

Dog Sports That You Should Know About

There are so many sports available to dogs and their owners these days. You and your dog will probably do best at the sports that use your dogs’ natural bred talents, the best part of this is that your dog gets to do what he absolutely loves which will help make him much easier to … Read more

How To Prevent Dog Fights

If you are out often enough with your dog you will at some time either witness a dog fight or your dog will be involved in one. There are varying levels of fights, I am using the term ‘fight’ to describe anything between a squabble and an all-out attack. Even the smallest of fights can … Read more