One-On-One Dog Training

Group dog training has been around for decades and has now become an acceptable norm when people seek to train their dog but for many people and their dog’s one-on-one training proves to be a better option, particularly in the beginning of your training. One-on-one dog training can be wonderful for anyone, people with an … Read more

Steps To A Happy Dog

Everyone wants a happy, healthy dog. When we decide to bring a dog into our lives we have already formed a picture of wonderful walks, fun playtimes and total loyalty, we seem to expect these things. What we skip over is the level of commitment required to attain such a relationship. There are steps that … Read more

Can I Socialize My Baby Puppy?

I want to get the message out there that you can socialise your puppy before they have completed their course of vaccinations, in fact, you must socialise your puppy as soon as you bring him home. Too many people are keeping their puppies completely shut off from the outside world because they are receiving incomplete information. Part of being … Read more

How To Toilet Train An Older Dog

Many people choose to adopt adult dogs thinking they can bypass many of the ‘issues’ associated with puppies, and for many adult dogs this is true, but for some adult dogs basic skills like toilet training may be a lesson they still need to learn. Older dogs can sometimes take a little longer to toilet … Read more

Spoiled Dogs

We live with dogs because they offer us companionship, closeness, unconditional love and loyalty, and these can be strengthened by sharing our space and love in the best way we know how through physical closeness and sharing of resources. However, traditionally we have been told we will spoil our dogs with such ‘indulgences’. People worry they … Read more

Understanding Dog Tantrums

Dogs do throw tantrums, this behaviour often begins as experimental and normal but then is rewarded in one way or another so it becomes a habit that turns disruptive. Tantrums are a reactive behaviour to a situation in which your dog becomes frustrated or anxious and dogs who throw tantrums are usually green in their training, lack … Read more

Human Communication

When two dogs meet there is always an element of arousal until both dogs have learned a little about each other. During this time a few things can occur, both dogs engage in play, or the dogs sniff each other and the interaction is over and finally, one dog wants to interact but the other does … Read more