Why Does My Boston Terrier Stand On Me?

Although Boston Terriers have been domesticated for quite some time, deep down they still possess their primal instincts. You may have noticed your Boston Terrier attempting to stand on you. While this may be confusing, rest assured, this is actually a common behaviour in dogs and there are a few different explanations to explain why this behaviour may be occurring. The most common being dominance.

Dominance Over Humans

If your Boston Terrier tends to stand on your lap, they may be displaying a classic example of dominance. You’re Boston Terrier may see standing on you as a way of being taller than you, possibly to show that they’re the boss. If you notice that your Boston Terrier’s head is much higher up in the air than yours, then this is most likely the case.

Dominance Over Other Dogs

Boston Terriers will not only attempt to assert their dominance by standing on humans, but they may also try this with other dogs. If you see your dog standing on another dog, they may be trying to display their superiority over the dog. Your dog will demonstrate this by often putting their paws onto the shoulders of those that they deem weaker/inferior to them. In addition, they may also growl and stare with a tense posture. Read this article to learn about handling dominance in your Boston Terrier.

They’re Being Protective

Another reason why they are standing on you is simply due to the fact that they are trying to be protective. You can spot this in situations where their is another person or dog nearby that your Boston Terrier is comfortable around.

You’ve Accidently Trained Them To Stand On You

Although it’s probably not the case, their is still a chance that you inadvertenly trained your Boston Terrier to stand on you by giving them things that they want when they do stand on you. Some of these things include giving them treats, attentions, toys, or love. Instead, you should try giving them rewards when they behave well so they associate good behaviour with rewards.

They Are Looking For Attention

Your Boston Terrier may be wanting extra attention from you. If you are gone for much of the day or you just don’t spend a lot of time with your dog, this could most likely be the case. To remedy this, try giving them more attention throughout the day such as playing or exercising with them.

They Want Something From You

Try to pay close attention to how your dog acts before and after they stand on you. Most likely, they want to eat, play, or exercise. Since Boston terriers can’t communicate with words, they may be trying to communicate by standing on you. Read this article to learn how to train desired behaviours in your dog.

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