The Best Dog Movies That You MUST Watch

Sometimes movies can push unrealistic expectations on all of our ‘normal’ dogs. Instead of wishing our dogs would wait forever for us, take down the bad guys, and tell us that Jimmy is stuck down a well, I like to watch dog movies for the relationship factor. These kinds of movies take creative licence to enhance what is already present in all of our lives with our dogs-unconditional love, loyalty and companionship.

Here are a few of my must-sees…..


My husband borrowed this movie for me not long after our previous dog passed away. He thought it would cheer me up because it was about an Akita (one of my favourite dogs). The story of Hatchi is probably one of the most touching ever, he was a dog that waited for his owner at the train station for many years after his owner had died at work. That’s devotion! For one second I thought of calling my next dog Hatchi but thought the name (given the dog he was) was too divine to mess around with, besides the pressure that goes along with the name would probably be a little too much.

Benji series

These series were probably one of the first dog movies I ever saw. Benji was a little scruffy terrier that was always going on adventures. The easy storyline, great for the kids- I love the name too.

Best In Show

This is my favourite movie of all time. I love the mockumentary style and apparently there was no script to this movie, the actors were all given character outlines and ad-lib ed the whole thing. A brilliant portrayal of the dog show world. Genius. Stars a Weimaraner, Standard Poodle, Norwich Terrier, Shih Tzu’s and a Blood Hound.

Turner and Hooch

Starring Tom Hanks and a Dogue de Bordeaux and tells the story of a police officer and junkyard dog forced to live together despite their differences. The slow-motion slobber scenes are hilarious. Very funny and heartwarming.

K9 Series

How can you go past James Belushi? If you love German Shepherds this is the perfect series for you. Jerry Lee is a brave police dog with attitude and helps Belushi take down some good old baddies. Not without some tear-jerking scenes, and in the end, Jerry Lee gets the girl.

Big Red

This movie is a wonderful wholesome family film. It is a story of the relationship between a young boy and the dog he cares for- Big Red, a large male Irish Setter. Set in some spectacular surrounds, it also follows the development of a stubborn older man and how Big Red and the boy change his life. Go the Irish!


Spine chilling, sad and heavy defines this movie. Based on the book by Stephen King it tells the story of a mother and child trapped in a car with a killer Rottweiler trying to get to them. I have only watched this movie once and will never watch it again, but it is a classic.

Rin Tin Tin Series

Another win for the German Shepherd lovers. Rin Tin Tin has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and rumour has it he died in the arms of Marilyn Munro at the age of 14.

Old Yeller

Old Yeller is a Labrador mix that finds his way into the hearts of his newly adopted farm family. The outcome for Old Yeller is a sad one that would bring most people to tears. I must admit I am too scared to watch this movie.  But it is a classic, and maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage to sit through it.


What a well trained dog this was, or should I say many dogs. The series went for so many years they used many different dogs to play Lassie. These stories follow the adventures of a Rough Collie and her family. Good wholesome fun.

So get the popcorn out, your Snuggie and a box of Kleenex, and sit on the couch with your dog and try one of these movies out. Yes, you can say it’s part of your training- bonding is great for training.

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