Here Are Some Cool Things That You Should Know About Your Dog

Sometimes they drive us crazy, I’m sure that sometimes we drive them crazy too! They chew our things, they jump all over us and anyone else they see, they hang off our pants with their teeth. Despite all of this we still allow them to share our home with us. Why? What makes living with a dog so wonderful?

Your dog is always happy to see you.

You’ve had a hard day and when you walk through the door you are greeted with a dog that is overjoyed to see you. This happens each and every day, even if you have only been gone for 10 minutes, even if you get home at 3 am. Your dog will always greet you with such happiness, sometimes even a smile. Dogs cant lie, so this happiness is absolutely true, and a testament to the bond you share with your dog.

Watching your dog dream.

You might be watching television, or reading, and you suddenly hear your dog cry or bark. You look down at them and realise that they are dreaming, their legs are twitching, their tail might be wagging, and their lips moving. Their body moves in a way that leaves you in no doubt that they are running. They may be dreaming of crossing open fields of long grass, chasing rabbits, playing with their best doggy friend, or even playing with you.

Snuggling up to your dog.

They are so warm, and their fur is so soft, snuggling up with your dog is one of the best experiences you can share with your dog. Whether it’s in bed, on the couch, or on the floor. You can watch the rise and fall of their chest, they are so calm. It’s then that you get to know every little hair and bump on their body. It’s then that you realise you have an animal in your home that loves to snuggle just as much as you do, and for no other reason than they love to be close to you.

Sharing a walk on a deserted path.

It’s just you and your dog walking along a path that nobody else is using. Watching your dog run here and there, exploring everything they want to with intensity and excitement. You get ahead of your dog and turn to see them heading towards you at full stretch, pass you by, and stop at the next smell. The best part about this is that you know when you take your dog home they will be happy and content.

Instant vacuuming for the floor

If you have children you know what I am talking about here. Any food that has fallen on the floor will quickly be taken care of by your dog- ‘don’t worry I’ll soon have this cleaned up for you, just sit back and let me take care of it, it’s all under control’.

Talking to your dog.

We all do it on some level. Talking to your dog while you go about your daily business, sometimes they even look at you like they know exactly what you are saying to them. They seem to listen with undivided attention sometimes. But best of all, they don’t answer back, they just listen.

Watching them play

I bet when you watch your dog play you will have a smile on your face. Watching your dog have fun clears your mind, you think of nothing else but how they are moving, jumping and running. It’s a time where you can watch your dog problem solve and communicate uninhibited- utter freedom. 


Your dog knows you and bonds with you to become a member of the family. They wait for you to come home, follow you off lead and would choose to be with you over anyone else. Dogs form strong social bonds that last a lifetime. OK, so maybe not all of our dogs would wait at the train station for us to arrive until they die, but it takes time to be allowed into a dogs’ heart, but once you are there you will be there forever.

Take time to think about all the wonderful things your dog gives you. You may like to comment on the particular quirks your dog has that you adore.

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