How To Easily Obedience Train Your Dog

You have the new love of your life and it’s all a walk in the park from here, right? Wrong. Dog training obedience is an extremely significant part of being a pet owner. Owning a dog is a big job and it is up to you as the owner and carer of your pet to train her properly. It is never to soon to start training your dog or indeed is it too late.

A well-trained dog will be a loved and proud member of the family. Training a dog is sometimes seen as a difficult and time-consuming task that is something that other people do with their dogs. It is every dog owner’s responsibility to train their animal to the best of their ability.

When done properly dog training is extremely rewarding for both the pet and the owner. The owner has a dog he can be proud of and the dog will respect its owner and their property.

There are specialist dog training clubs around every town but it is possible to train your dog at home with a few easy techniques.

Dogs and puppies must learn not to bite people. This should be taught from an early age. A good way to stop puppies biting is to allow them to socialize with other puppies or dogs. The biting should dramatically decrease if your dog or puppy is allowed to socialize with other dogs. Read more about how to choose the right puppy for you.

Noises can be used to stop your dog from misbehaving, the noise is used to shock or startle the dog every time he does something wrong. This form of obedience training has been used for years and is an ideal starting point when training your dog. A bottle with a few grains of rice makes an ideal noisemaker. The key to this technique is not to use it too often, A quick sharp shake will usually be enough to deter the most stubborn of dogs. When your dog shows aggressive behavior, check out this post.

Treats can be used to aid dog training, chocolate should be avoided. A good treat for a dog is chicken, it is full of protein and shouldn’t harm your dog in any way.

Training your dog can sometimes be an emotional rollercoaster but always keep in your mind why you are doing this, the dog will be happier and so will you. Always remember that you are the boss and your dog needs to know this, always be firm with your commands and never let your dog dictate what you do.

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