How To Choose A Puppy – What You Should Know

Choosing a puppy can be a difficult choice sometimes as they are so cute and cuddly and irresistible. First, you must decide on what breed suits your family, home, and lifestyle. Instead of buying on emotional impulse you should choose your new pup wisely and put some thought into the decision.

Here are some points to think of when considering how to choose a puppy

  • Do you have kids? – younger or older
  • Do you have a well-fenced yard?
  • Do you want a lap dog that will keep you company all day or one that will love going for walks to the park, play ball, go for a swim and do obedience training
  • How large is your yard – suitable for a large dog or small
  • How much grooming is required – just a brushing daily or weekly or professional clipping?
  • Does the breed have hereditary diseases or problems?
  • How much exercise will the pup need when it grows into a dog?
  • How much will it eat? – large dogs can eat large amounts every day
  • Veterinary costs can be expensive when required
  • Remember it should be a 10 – 14 years commitment

Here are a few tips on how to choose a healthy puppy

  • Look at the puppy’s general attitude – alert, interested, bright, not scared and hiding in the corner.
  • The puppies coat should be in good condition, not dry or be falling out
  • Check for fleas around the tail and belly
  • The eyes should be bright with no sign of infection
  • The puppies teeth should be aligned – both jaws should meet each other neatly
  • Legs should be straight with no sign of limping

There are several types of temperaments that dogs can have

  • Responsive – the best kind – adaptable and bonds well with humans
  • Nervous and shy – can be unpredictable usually not good around children
  • Aggressive – unpredictable not good around children

Best Wishes choosing your new puppy, you will have a companion that will love you just as much as you or your family will love it. Like they say “Mans best friend”, but keep in mind that you also will need to pay attention to training your dog in the proper way.

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